Discover Elèm Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut

Named after the hills from where the grapes were harvested, Elèm Valdobbiadene is a sophisticated, extra dry fine sparkling wine.

This is a bottle of distinction from Elèm, intensely perfumed with a robust structure, Valdobbiandene is the choice for any discerning character.

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Tasting note

Distinctive floral and citrus notes on the nose which lead to a pleasant balanced palate. It is fresh and harmonious, dry and crisp.

Enjoy Elèm Valdobbiandene

This delicious prosecco is best served as a superior aperitif, accompanied by light canapes of delicate seafoods and shellfish.

Eleanora recommends using a wide tulip shaped flute or champagne coupe to best enjoy the fine flavour.